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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Approaching the light at the end of the tunnel...

Nearly there with my summer swing dress. Broke the back of it as finished the lined bodice today. Some parts were quite fiddly and I adjusted the detail at the centre back of the neck to make it lie better.

The left side isn't sewn yet as the zip will be put in there, but tried it on and it fits really well. I didn't zigzag every raw edge as I said I would because it would have taken forever. On the bodice, the lining  helps the edges, and on the skirt I've done French seams:

Aaah, the French really know how to do some things, don't they??
Incidentally, after a random web browse discovered my colouring has warm undertones so I should be wearing more yellow.

Monday, 13 June 2011


Only just gotten round to this one, which I've been looking forward to and dreading in equal measures. The dress will look great but I was not excited about having to cut such a slinky fabric. I'm definately going to take my time with this one!
Anyway, started to cut it and only have a few pieces left to cut and mark. I'm using a little stitch in green to do the markings as chalk won't show too well and I don't want to mark the fabric permanently.

I'm going to zigzag stitch over the raw edges as don't have an overlocker and I want this one to be a keeper.
I'll keep you posted on my progress!!

Wardrobe clearout

I now know what clothes I have!!
This will make my boyfriend laugh as he thinks I have too many clothes, but every woman who sees my wardrobe is surprised at how small my collection is. This is probably because I've rented for the last few years and the thought of lugging around ridiculous amounts of clothes is too much. Plus I regularly change/adjust my style. Anyway, had a good ole sort through and now have a new pile of 'to mend/adjust', as well as a list of items I need to buy or make to complete outfits so I do actually wear everything I have.

I have inadvertently got a very co-ordinated work wardrobe (bottom right) which consists of cream, blue, red, grey and black. This was purely coincidence as everything else is very random.
So off to the shop for black dye to reinvigorate some black clothes, a couple of belts, some tights, and leggings (but not yet, as I've just had an expensive weekend)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Random fancy bird flew in

So, the majority of artwork that I make is exemplar stuff so my students know exactly how high my expectations are of them. I have just started a 'Fancy Birds' project with year 8 (12/13 years old), and decided that papier mache is the best option. Obviously, my main motive revolves around ways to decorate my classroom (hey, they'll always learn stuff, that's the beauty of art). I have never had my own dedicated room before and it's also going to be refurbished over summer, so I want lots of great artwork to put up on return in September. Out of 3 classes, 1 have been promised clay IF they behave well enough, and the other 2 will do papier mache (all my year 8 classes are very naughty). So, here's the example bird, which I had much fun making...
PVA is great isn't it. makes papier mache, and also makes it waterproof. Anyway, got to go as just caught the biggest most freaky looking spider and it doesn't look British. One of the many reasons I like living here is the lack of poisonous spiders, so tomorrow i am vaccing this entire flat....yuk

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Wonky Eyes Thursday

So I finally finished the ruffled sundress I thought would take me one day. It actually took 3 days. I'll be honest, some of this was faffing, and some was due to me and my man doing some house/flat rental research in Ramsbottom (to those not familiar with the northwest of England, this is the home of the Annual International Black Pudding Throwing contest). However, going to the old train station and seeing a steam train made up for me taking so long with the dress, and inspired me to create more vintage clothes, as they hold an event celebrating WWII and everyone gets dolled up in 1940s gear.
Anyway, enough of the wittering, here's the dress:

I don't know why my eyes look wonky, I can only blame the Photographer, my darling Rich, who kept taking photos without warning, and was trying to make me laugh.
It went pretty well, despite my hatred for all things related to hemming (this is because I am short and have had to take up practically every pair of trousers I have ever owned). I did not slipstitch the bottom hem, as, frankly, I just couldn't be bothered.
I do like the pattern and think I would definately make another dress and maybe even a top - the ruffles make me look like I actually have curves, haha.