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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Off for a break, see you soon

 Right, so I know I haven't been the best, most regular blogger recently (blame end of term syndrome), and I'm about to make it worse by buggering off to Italy, then moving flat (not to Italy).

The Steam Railway Station
Bigtime apologies. However, once I'm settled in Rammy and have got t'internet sorted, I'll be back!
See yer later, crafty alligators

Vintage Stylee

Considered which pattern to use for a pair of high-waisted 1930s style trousers for quite a while, before happening on this pattern. It's not vintage but the trousers have that feel to them and it's easy so I bought some lightweight navy viscose, and set out on creating something other than a dress.

Here are the finished trousers which I think look a lot better than the illustration shows. I paired them with a genuinely vintage lace blouse that a friend gave me. I had a lot of repair to do on the blouse as the lace back was torn in several places. I replaced the back, added tiny seed beads to the bib and created a ribbon tie waist to make it more cropped.

Now I'm all ready for my holiday in Italy! Woohoo!


After many, many, many traumas with the zip and seam tape, I have finally finished the swing dress. I should have known it was going too well...

Anyway, all's well that ends well, and here's the finished article:

I did all French seams and even figured out how to continue the French seam neatly into a zip, a la...

All I need now is curly hair, which will sadly have to wait till after my holiday.
What I learned from making this dress: I hate crepe de chine; I love French seams; hand-sewing a lining is very much worth the time and effort.