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Friday, 28 October 2011

And the Coat Begins...

Okay, so I've finally made some decisions about my cocoon coat. I'm not going with either the Decades of Style Parisienne, or the Ageless Sunburst which I'd narrowed it down to. Typically, I've decided to go for a third, previously unknown option, the Folkwear Poiret Cocoon coat:

I intended to make it out of velvet, possibly dark green or claret. So, clearly now I've been to Abhakans with my mum to look at fabrics, I've now chosen against velvet and against green or red. I'm fab at decisions, I just don't know what I'm getting until I see it, and throw all previous plans into the bin (should know by now that for me, gut instinct wins out every time). I've selected a long mohair style jersey in a cappucino colour, so here's an illustration of my planned changes and embellishments:

I'm only petite, so the full-length would drown me, therefore via some alterations and a mock-up in muslin, I will shorten the coat to just below my derriere. I want a large fake fur collar and thought it would look effective to continue the fur trim around the whole edge of the coat, narrowing the trim where the fastenings will be. The embellishment on the back will be done with teal colours using free-machine embroidery, and is based on patterns seen in Klimt's paintings. I have to say a big thanks you to Mummio and Daddio for my new machine which allows me to do free embroidery, and Richie for suggesting teal for the decoration.
I intend to add some warmth (it's cowd up 'ere) using some quilt batting and will line it with some matching teal lining. I need to find out where I last got this (approx 15 years ago, arrrgh!!). Think it's probably Nortex Mill in Bolton.

I'll keep you posted... (have a feeling this will be a big project, but worth it)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Long time, no see...

Hello there, wow it's been a while!
Sorree I've been away for so long, but autumn term back was a nightmare, and now it's started to settle again (prob not for long), I can start living again (prob not for long).
I have done a few bits and bobs, such as sewing some curtains for a friend of mine, and below are some photos of the process.

 Here you can see my lovely new marking pencils, what a godsend they were for measuring out such massive lengths of material.

I cut the lining with the main fabric for ease, and have to say that apart from the fraying, this was a good fabric to work with. It stayed in place nicely when folded, so ironing was much faster.

I will get a picture of the finished curtains on here as soon as possible as the one I took on my phone is crappy quality.