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Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Christmas Deviation

Festive Salutations my crafty Friends!!
I love Christmas...little disappointed we aren't having the kind of snow we had last year, after we've moved to pretty Ramsbottom, but there's still hope.
Anyway, I decided to make my own wreath out of random bits I had lying around:

I was going to add more little bits but it would never have made it onto the front door, as I've also given myself the task of printing my own wrapping paper and making my own cards. I used an embroidery hoop and scraps of fabric as well as ribbons, buttons, and feathers. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with it, and I can always add/adjust it next year if I want to (although Mr Kayaking Bear is staying put).

Have a lovely Crimbo my deers,
Helen xxx

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Step 4 - Have I got it right...dun-dun-DUUUUNN!

So now the bit I've been equally longing for and loathing....cutting the real fabric and making up the coat outer layer according to my redrafted pattern.

As I have said previously, I chose a cappucino coloured mohair knit jersey, so obviously had to use a nap layout. I decided to do things the long way around and cut each side out separately, rather than cut on doubled-up fabric.

I'll hold my hands up and admit that I accidentally forgot to snip a couple of notches whilst cutting out even after bothering to mark all of them on my paper. Oops. Anyway, It's alreet cos I snipped the sleeve notches and they are the ones that matter the most in this pattern.
Then for careful marking, tacking and stitching of the shoulder darts:

And finally, ta-daaaaa... I'm pretty chuffed with this. It is actually a very easy pattern to follow, even if it does look unusual to start with. And as others who have used this Folkwear pattern will comment, the basic coat makes up very quickly:

I'm getting the faux fur, and lining materials this weekend (as well as any other little fancy bits for embellishing the back), so will try and keep you posted soon enough,
loving stitches xx

Step 3 - The Redraft

Right, so after fiddling about with muslin, pins and shears, I was finally happy with my toile. I only adjusted half as I thought it was pointless fiddling about getting the other half exactly the same. I then carefully undid the stitching down the back middle seam to separate out the altered half of the toile and transfer it to paper. I used a combination of the original pattern (for accuracy) and the muslin toile to mark out the new pattern pieces. I had a dart on the muslin toile, but this nicely laid itself out flat on the paper, so less hassle there.

Then all marked out, it gets cut, et voila:

Woohoo, now comes the exciting bit, cutting out the real fabric and sewing up the outer layer of my coat....eeek!
See you soon fellow crafters