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Sunday, 11 November 2012

I'm still here!

I am just letting you know, I am still here.
I have had a hectic few months and had to put the coat and sewing machine to one side.

However....it is nearly done. I spent the last couple of months adding more beading and hand embroidery detail to the back, and today I got rid of the sticky-out bits on the padded lining and sewed the whole thing together.
I now have just a few finishing touches that I am determined to get done this fortnight:
  1.  reinforcing the collar with some hand-stitching (quick job).
  2. adding fur trims to the wrists too (bit labour intensive).
  3. thinning out all the furry hems on the inside (quick job).
  4. sewing the lining and outer layer together down the central seam (quick job).
  5. adding a hook and eye closure on the inside with 2 decorative buttons on the outiside (quick job).
  6. Sewing up the bottom hem which is currently open to allow my adjustments (quick job).
I will add some more piccies but my camera is charging as its batteries only last about 5 mins. So, you see, the only major things I have to do is adding the fur trim to the wrists. As a stroke of good luck, I had to cut back the main fur trim, and the piece left over just so happens to be the perfect fit for the wrist, so technically, one cuff is made, and i can use this to cut the second.

Speak very soon with lots of photos xx