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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Vintage Stylee

Considered which pattern to use for a pair of high-waisted 1930s style trousers for quite a while, before happening on this pattern. It's not vintage but the trousers have that feel to them and it's easy so I bought some lightweight navy viscose, and set out on creating something other than a dress.

Here are the finished trousers which I think look a lot better than the illustration shows. I paired them with a genuinely vintage lace blouse that a friend gave me. I had a lot of repair to do on the blouse as the lace back was torn in several places. I replaced the back, added tiny seed beads to the bib and created a ribbon tie waist to make it more cropped.

Now I'm all ready for my holiday in Italy! Woohoo!


  1. Great pants! High-waist wide pants are always so flattering, my favorite, and these look really cute! Have a great holiday in Italy :)

  2. I've made these too they are so comfy!!