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Monday, 15 August 2011

Finally....Make Do & Mend

This is my bag full of clothes I need to mend, adjust, restyle, etc etc. Well, now it's the summer hols, and I have done the holiday and the move, it is time to tackle the BAG. As a side note, it was completely unintentional to put all of these items in a 'use me, re-use me' bag.

And so it begins.

I have decided not to try and do everything in the bag, but focus on the small jobs first, which will motivate me to tackle the bigger jobs, and also to prioritise (rather than get idly distracted by anything and everything as per usual) the items I actually need the most during the winter.

Item 1: Red Polka Dot Blouse
Problem: missing buttons

This is a lovely top that looks very pretty, French and chic when worn and I tend to wear it as part of my work wardrobe. However, big name brands being what they are, the covered buttons were sewn on appallingly, and so after 4 wears and 2 washes, I was down 2 buttons. They only provide 1 spare. Hmmm.

Several months later, I have finally got some replacements. They aren't covered, but to be honest the fabric has such a large polka print that the buttons just ended up looking plain white. I chose simple red classics would maintain the chic, classic style.

Shoddy workmanship

Much better
And so here's one of my favourite tops I can wear again. Yippee!!


  1. I think the red buttons look even better on than the original white ones!

    I am in the same process as you - trying to fix all those things that are just lying around waiting to be used and loved again. (Worst part of it: my top five pairs of jeans are in that pile...)

    And good thinking to start with the smaller problems first, I usually get stuck looking at all the things that will take loads of time and then just end up putting the things back in the bag and making yet another cute dress instead...

  2. Thanks Ewa, I think they look better too, was a bit unsure at first, but glad I went for red.

    It is tempting to always make a pretty dress, I'm forcing myself to look at separates patterns at the mo to stop myself. However, I'm planning my autumn wardrobe and already thinking about cute woollen dresses to wear with thick tights and boots, haha!!