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Monday, 17 October 2011

Long time, no see...

Hello there, wow it's been a while!
Sorree I've been away for so long, but autumn term back was a nightmare, and now it's started to settle again (prob not for long), I can start living again (prob not for long).
I have done a few bits and bobs, such as sewing some curtains for a friend of mine, and below are some photos of the process.

 Here you can see my lovely new marking pencils, what a godsend they were for measuring out such massive lengths of material.

I cut the lining with the main fabric for ease, and have to say that apart from the fraying, this was a good fabric to work with. It stayed in place nicely when folded, so ironing was much faster.

I will get a picture of the finished curtains on here as soon as possible as the one I took on my phone is crappy quality.

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