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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Step 1: Turn Around....

Okay, so as always, I love to give myself a challenge, and really work myself to the bone. And therefore, I've decided to do a mix of machine and hand embroidery to decorate the back of my coat. I've actually been inspired by projects the students are doing at my school. My year 9 group are currently making photo frames inspired by Gustav Klimt's patterns, whilst my colleague is looking at Karen Kamenetzky with her GCSE students. Without knowing it, these inspired me and that's when I doodled my orginal design (whilst in a meeting, but it's okay, because apparently doodling can help you retain information).
Here's a couple of examples of my inspiration:

So I decided to be good and prepare properly, rather than trying to wing it, because I trust my gut instinct, and my gut tells me that if I take my time this coat could be the best thing I have made to date.

So only a small sample, but it's something I can see myself just keep adding to; a perfect example of the more the better methinks.
Next to do:
  1. pick up Betty the mannequin from my parents'
  2. Get some musling for a toile
  3. Get some wadding and silk for the luxury lining
If only I didn't have to work full-time, sigh...


  1. Wow. Just wow. This is going to be gorgeous! (no pressure or anything) I've decided to tackle my own coat, but it's nothing in a league with this - it all started when I got invited to a 20's murder mystery party..and of course I can't go in one of those cheap flapper costumes. So, I went looking for Poiret coats and fell into your blog. I wish I were half as talented! lol

  2. Hiya, thanks very much for the lovely comments!! I know what you mean about those cheap flapper costumes; I got invited to one, and just couldn't help designing 2 alternative costumes to make. Luckily, the person changed the theme to non-fancy dress before I went to all the effort!! I'm sure you are just as talented really, I just need to take this slowly and not get impatient or over-excited, as is my tendency!!

  3. As we say here in New York, from your mouth to God's ears! Not only am I impatient, I also tend to 'wing it' That may be great when I'm painting, but not so good when one sleeve ends up three inches shorter than the other! I'll keep checking back to see how you're doing.