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Monday, 28 November 2011

Step 2: I hate muslin

  1. it's got wobbly edges.
  2. it won't just sit still while you cut it, especially if you lack a proper cutting table and are crawling around on some crappy laminate floor.
  3. even without obvious signs it throws little bits of cotton up in the air, and my poor eyes and nose wouldn't stop itching.
Anyway, I've managed to prepare a toile of the Poiret coat. The assembly was unusual but very easy. It's one of those patterns where you look at the pieces and think...'what the hell?'  but then with one line of sewing it magically works. Even with some initial shortening just to fit it on the muslin, the coat in its unaltered state drowns my teeny frame:

Now, this would be perfect for some leggy model, but it's a little overkill for a shortarse. So I put it onto Betty and started to adjust one half of the muslin. My idea being, if I can get one half perfect I can then draft a new pattern on paper from that half.

So you can see, that I have adjusted the right-hand side of the coat and ended up adding a very long dart just between the armpit and bust. This was necessary to get the coccon shape and draping I wanted from the front to underneath the bum. Many thanks to Richie for holding the sleeves out and posing in the background (x).

So when everyone is striking at school on Wednesday I intend to take in my toile, undo it and mark it out on thin paper ready to cut my fabric. My next big challenge then is the collar and finding the right faux fur that won't aggrevate my eczema, but will feel snuggy and lush.

Cheers ears xx

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