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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Random fancy bird flew in

So, the majority of artwork that I make is exemplar stuff so my students know exactly how high my expectations are of them. I have just started a 'Fancy Birds' project with year 8 (12/13 years old), and decided that papier mache is the best option. Obviously, my main motive revolves around ways to decorate my classroom (hey, they'll always learn stuff, that's the beauty of art). I have never had my own dedicated room before and it's also going to be refurbished over summer, so I want lots of great artwork to put up on return in September. Out of 3 classes, 1 have been promised clay IF they behave well enough, and the other 2 will do papier mache (all my year 8 classes are very naughty). So, here's the example bird, which I had much fun making...
PVA is great isn't it. makes papier mache, and also makes it waterproof. Anyway, got to go as just caught the biggest most freaky looking spider and it doesn't look British. One of the many reasons I like living here is the lack of poisonous spiders, so tomorrow i am vaccing this entire flat....yuk


  1. The little bird is cute Helen! Nice you're geting your own craft room.that sounds fantastic. Its really strange but I've seen a couple of really big spiders too lately.they really scared me as they did look more like they could be at the zoo. I tried to put a pint glas over one to take it outside but its legs were so big I couldn't get it in.I eventually managed to get it outside but I didn't sleep well that night.

  2. Cheers Miss W!
    I've got an owl to finish painting too, really hope my pupils' ones look good. The spider had the fattest body and was quite pale, but the head and legs were almost black. yuk. Not really a scaredy where insects are concerned but that gave me the heeby jeebies!