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Monday, 13 June 2011

Wardrobe clearout

I now know what clothes I have!!
This will make my boyfriend laugh as he thinks I have too many clothes, but every woman who sees my wardrobe is surprised at how small my collection is. This is probably because I've rented for the last few years and the thought of lugging around ridiculous amounts of clothes is too much. Plus I regularly change/adjust my style. Anyway, had a good ole sort through and now have a new pile of 'to mend/adjust', as well as a list of items I need to buy or make to complete outfits so I do actually wear everything I have.

I have inadvertently got a very co-ordinated work wardrobe (bottom right) which consists of cream, blue, red, grey and black. This was purely coincidence as everything else is very random.
So off to the shop for black dye to reinvigorate some black clothes, a couple of belts, some tights, and leggings (but not yet, as I've just had an expensive weekend)

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  1. Oh excellent job helen! I'm doing the same but it's a long process as i 've accumulated rather a lot. most boyfriends seem to think you have too many clothes however few you have. i think its a man thing.luckily mine doesn't which is unuasual