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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Wonky Eyes Thursday

So I finally finished the ruffled sundress I thought would take me one day. It actually took 3 days. I'll be honest, some of this was faffing, and some was due to me and my man doing some house/flat rental research in Ramsbottom (to those not familiar with the northwest of England, this is the home of the Annual International Black Pudding Throwing contest). However, going to the old train station and seeing a steam train made up for me taking so long with the dress, and inspired me to create more vintage clothes, as they hold an event celebrating WWII and everyone gets dolled up in 1940s gear.
Anyway, enough of the wittering, here's the dress:

I don't know why my eyes look wonky, I can only blame the Photographer, my darling Rich, who kept taking photos without warning, and was trying to make me laugh.
It went pretty well, despite my hatred for all things related to hemming (this is because I am short and have had to take up practically every pair of trousers I have ever owned). I did not slipstitch the bottom hem, as, frankly, I just couldn't be bothered.
I do like the pattern and think I would definately make another dress and maybe even a top - the ruffles make me look like I actually have curves, haha.


  1. I love the fabric you used for this dress! It updates the pattern very, very nicely!

  2. Well done! Is this the dress you wanted for your holiday? It looks really comfy & stylish.looks perfect for hot weather

  3. Hiya,
    I've had this fabric since I was at uni; bought a huge 4 metre length from a basket in a charity shop and it's taken me until now to use it! Good god, that's 10 years I've just worked out.
    Yes Miss W, it is the main dress for my hols, so really pleased with it. Want to look stylish on my first proper adult holiday for years, not look like a stereotypical 'Brit Abroad', haha.
    Still got a romper suit and the Butterick retro swing dress (B5209) to make, then I'm set.

  4. Very nice and you should definitely make the long version.