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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Step 3 - The Redraft

Right, so after fiddling about with muslin, pins and shears, I was finally happy with my toile. I only adjusted half as I thought it was pointless fiddling about getting the other half exactly the same. I then carefully undid the stitching down the back middle seam to separate out the altered half of the toile and transfer it to paper. I used a combination of the original pattern (for accuracy) and the muslin toile to mark out the new pattern pieces. I had a dart on the muslin toile, but this nicely laid itself out flat on the paper, so less hassle there.

Then all marked out, it gets cut, et voila:

Woohoo, now comes the exciting bit, cutting out the real fabric and sewing up the outer layer of my coat....eeek!
See you soon fellow crafters

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