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Friday, 13 January 2012


just thought I'd keep you in the know seeing as you've bothered to follow my blog. The coat is still a priority but I need a 'walking foot' for my machine and have to wait till payday till I can buy it (it's nearly sodding £40...£40!?) so the quilted lining will have to wait for the next couple of weeks.

However, I am still completely obsessed with sewing so got distracted on one of the many vintage pattern sites that are in my favourites. I'd seen this pattern a few months ago, and it was still there last week, so I bought it. Unlike the walking foot doodaa, it was only a fiver and that's value for the outfit combos you can get!

Really, I have to admit I can totally see myself in the plaid jacket, shorts, and green tights. The model even has short blonde curly hair. It's clearly meant to be! I thought I could also make up a jacket and skirt for work and hell, may as well make up the trousers while I'm at it!

I'm going to be realistic and actually plan out my sewing for the next year. Coccoon coat first, followed by a couple of retro 60s dresses before summer hits, then in summer I'm going to make up this beaut.

I'm so excited (such a geek)

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  1. What ever else you do, don't skip the tights- they really 'make' the outfit. *eyeroll