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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Step 7: Where's the vac?

Collar drafted, toile tested, fur cut and sewn. Now to just ensure the trim fits right...

1. Don't wear fleecy black leggings when working with fur, or cats.

2. This is the amount of fur crap produced from just 1 seam. Hmm.

3. Vac your legs and all other surfaces regularly. This stuff is like sand or glitter, gets in places you can't imagine.

4. Worth it, look at the lovely finished trimmed seam. I did reinforce the seam with an extra row of stitches on the bottom curve, as this takes a lot of the weight.

5, 6, & 7. Here I pinned the trim to the coat to ensure a good fit. Very happy so far :)

See you soon, when I tackle the padded lining (I think I will invest in a walking foot for this one)

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  1. That's looking great so far! Looking forward to seeing the final result.