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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Step 5: Draft to craft

Right so after putting it off fur (haha) quite a while, I finally started drafting and making my fur collar and trim.
I had to start by drafting as I have never made a coat collar before and obviously wanted the fur around the entire edge of the coat.

The numbers on the descriptions refer to the pictures, starting at top left to top right, then onto the bottom left picture to bottom right.

1. I looked around the net for someone's knowledge, experience, and possibly a free ready made pattern. Sadly I didn't have much joy. I did find a blog where the woman was drafting a simple coat collar and although the style was completely different, her method seemed the best option. So, I pinned lots of squares of paper onto the edge of the coat.

2 & 3 I then taped extra pieces inbetween, where triangular gaps formed on the curves.

4.  I then trimmed down the edges so that the trim was wider at the top and bottom and slimmed into the waist.

5. Et Voila, a paper pattern for the trim.

6. I cut a toile out of muslin, and pinned to the coat to ensure the pattern was ok. However, I noticed a massive amount of spare material left at the bottom. I cut this down on the toile then laid it on the pattern and adjusted the paper pattern.

7 & 8. I am happy at this point that the collar stands up to a dramatic but not over-the-top or impractical height. Just snuggy enough in the winter ;)

See you soon for the next exciting episode (it is for me anyway, I'm a proud geek).

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