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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Bit hard to tell, because of the brown vest I'm wearing, but it is a skirt, not a dress I've made here. Found an old scarf in a charity shop in Stroud (Stroud has the best charity and vintage shops), which I knew straight away I wanted to make into a skirt. I already had a skirt like this that I bought from Topshop, and love to bits. Scarf sat in my 'to-sew' bag for about 1 and a half years until I finally plucked up the motivation to sort it out.
I folded the scarf diagonally twice and cut the middle point to the measurement of my low waist divided by 4. This left a round (ish) hole in the centre where I attached a foldover waistband. I used an old ribbed knitted boob tube that was a sparkly brown as the waistband.
It fits great and doesn't ride up or down, and is perfect for my holidays as the fabric is so silky and cool. Will have to post pics when I'm in Italy. Think I'll wear with this vest and a vintage leaf belt I have somewhere in my wardrobe!


  1. Hey honey, well done for starting and I found you via sew retro. I have just finished my first pair of trousers and am really pleased with them (big sigh of relief..hehe) If you are interested there is a summer sew along athttp://wardrobereimagined.blogspot.com/2011/05/its-that-time-again-summer-essentials.html which I have joined and may give you a good start. Welcome to the online blogging and sewing world. Take care axxx

  2. Hello and welcome....
    I'm new to the world of blog too!
    Your skirt looks great and is a nice idea to try out sometime if I find the right scarf.Well done!!
    love the shoes too.

  3. That scarf material is amazing - it's great! Love what you did with it.