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Friday, 27 May 2011

Navy Sweetheart Blouse

Made this last year and opted for view 2. It fit so perfectly that I am planning to make another top from this, maybe views 3 or 4? Here's what the finished blouse looks like...
I didn't have to make too many adjustments, which I thought I would with my petite frame. I used some crepe navy fabric I found with the pattern, added some vintage buttons I got from Affleck's Palace in Manchester and a ribbon tie.

I'm really chuffed with the finish but don't wear it nearly enough because I'm frightened of ruining it at work (even though it's the students using the paint, it nearly always finds it's way onto me!).


  1. I LOVE this shirt. What a great color! Thanks for the inspiration to do something sweet in something other than pink ;)

  2. A very pretty blouse!I like the button detail and the ribbon trim.

  3. I love those buttons!well done on the blouse.
    Also I really like the pattern background on your blog. did you do this yourself? did you scan it in? I'm getting pretty good at the option blogger gives after having a mess about with mine which I thought would take all of about 10 minutes. 4 hours later still messing around.and having a job getting a back right again. but the pattern back ground is definitly not a blogger option is it?

  4. Thank you everyone, loved the colour so much, I'm thinking of using it as a basis for a new wardrobe as I am guilty of using black as a 'safe' option and it's not actually the best colour in the world.
    Creative Miss W, I scanned in the pattern for this blouse actually, then uploaded it as a background.

  5. What a lovely blouse. I like the buttons and ribbon you chose too. I came across your blog while reading through sew retro blog, and just had to leave a comment because this top is really lovely. Looking forward to your next 'products'. Best wishes Aya