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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Greetings from the Grim North

Hello fellow bloggers/crafters/miscellaneous.
My name is Helen and I class myself as a crafter not an artist. The latter seems a wee bit poncy for a Lancashire lass like myself who like pints of real ale and a curry. I also do indulge in a variety of creative activities, which largely end up in various states of disarray and incompleteness. This here blog is my way of organising myself, so that I may finally complete my memory quilt, I may finally mend everything in my wardrobe, I may finally get round to processing the films from my toy cameras in the bottom of my drawers and I may finally do some art for myself.

I'm an art teacher and find by the end of the day I'm creatively frustrated and the best, most complete art I manage to do is generally exemplar material for my students. I may also post pics of some of these little random objets d'arts because they are quite fun and often inspire me to do my own things.

See you soon, hopefully...


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