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Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Christmas Deviation

Festive Salutations my crafty Friends!!
I love Christmas...little disappointed we aren't having the kind of snow we had last year, after we've moved to pretty Ramsbottom, but there's still hope.
Anyway, I decided to make my own wreath out of random bits I had lying around:

I was going to add more little bits but it would never have made it onto the front door, as I've also given myself the task of printing my own wrapping paper and making my own cards. I used an embroidery hoop and scraps of fabric as well as ribbons, buttons, and feathers. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with it, and I can always add/adjust it next year if I want to (although Mr Kayaking Bear is staying put).

Have a lovely Crimbo my deers,
Helen xxx

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